Oh! Dounma It's unacceptable (June 2018 )

It is painful to mention that the life has gone beyond dignity to be called a life in any terms. The human suffering is unabated. All the big and small powers have failed to find a solution. These powers tamed by their own limitations, predominantly in the name of strategic interests, sometimes in the name of non-intervention and sometimes in the name of appeasement. All have let the hell to fall. It looks like the Munich crisis of 1938. The approach of none the nation looks positive in getting a political solution to this problem. This is disheartening. Now it has become high time for every party to bring peace and stop innocent killings in the region. Mind it, wars cannot be a solution of anything. The erstwhile two world wars have shown the erstwhile superpowers like Britain, France, Soviet Russia, Germany that wars could make them only weaker. Today, it reminds the same to the US, Russia and China; accept this or let the history to repeat itself.