Rise of an Empire and an Emperor ( May 2018 )

The rise of an empire and an emperor is not a simple story. It imbues a sense of clairvoyance, devotion, dedication, discipline and pure application. They have demonstrated the highest form of sacrifice in building their nation. They have balanced both the concept rights and duties at the optimum best. They have violated the human rights to protect them in long term through creation of sustainable economic system. The Chinese growth and presence at the global level categorically indicates that they are the only emerging power in the world and rest are following from a distance. The decision-making of a communist country is fantastic. They are flexible and highly issue-based. The people and their governance is target-oriented and focused to a specific roadmap. In achieving their target, they have even adopted traits of totalitarianism. They represent a unique blend of capitalism and policy of laissez faire in their Special Economic Zones (SEZs), communism in their constitutional and political system, and totalitarianism in their leadership. This approach has put them much ahead of the confused and mixed economies of the world. They have shown that the flexibility has a life and enlightenment and rigidity means death and darkness. I am very sure that the 21st century belongs to them. In achieving this position, I would like to remind that China needs to recombine their needs and greed. The history tells that maintaining the same approach throughout the course should be avoided. They need to change their perception towards their neighbours and other nations. A big nation cannot be sustained by parochial policies. They must learn that no one has survived for long if someone goes narcist. A powerful nation can only be sustained when they pursue the policy of peaceful co-existence.