Jerusalem A Journey from glorious past to uncertain future ( February 2018 )

The solution of the prolonged West Asian crisis looks remote. Both Israel and Palestine are not prepared to sacrifice anything to arrive at a common formula of understanding. Under these circumstances, the neutrality of a third party could not be expected beyond a point. The US cannot involve in this issue at its own interest. The US has its own compulsions. They cannot undermine them. The domestic equations of US cannot afford to upset the Jews. Both sides must understand this reality. In the era of globalization, the economic issues are becoming more important than the old and intractable territorial disputes. At this juncture, Israel must understand that the concept of two-nation theory cannot be ignored at all. And direct negotiations between both Israel and Palestine is needed to give a feasible shape to this reality. In this process, both sides must be prepared to lose on their behalf to register a common win. And if not done, then the seven-decade old impasse would not let both sides to live in peace. The entire history tells that territorial disputes have proved to be one of the major cause of war. And after the war, the lives are dismantled and more territories become disputed. In fact, even the sacrifice of live is not enough to solve the territorial disputes. The territorial disputes are solved by the approach of the persons in the power. The approach is the strongest factor of life, especially in terms of decision-making. If the approach is self-centric, ego-oriented; and obsessive success driven; then the result is ominous. There is no solution to any problems with this mindset. The solution lies in the adoption of rational approach towards life and objectivity. A rational approach believes in synthesis. It integrates the legacies of the past, imperatives of the present and optimism of future. It never sees anything in isolation. If Jerusalem was a past of one religious faith, today, it is part of three religious faiths. In fact, religion means undiluted faith of a group of people. And that faith should not be crushed by any other group. A survival cannot be sustained without the spirit of collectivism and peaceful co-existence. The latest crisis demands a new approach from both the aggrieved parties beyond the pale of diplomacy, and combination and permutation.